Commercial and Contract Litigation

Commercial, corporate, and contract litigation can be among the most complex types of lawsuits. In fact, some commercial cases are so involved that specialized courts, like North Carolina’s Business Court, have been created specifically to deal with these types of cases, though not all business lawsuits are referred to special courts. Katherine Langley has represented many clients in challenging and complicated matters involving breach of contract and other commercial matters. She represents primarily small- to mid-sized companies based in North Carolina and other states.

Whether you are an employer facing employee-related lawsuits, a small business attempting to collect fees for services, or a corporate entity facing personal injury liability, your company deserves and needs experienced and competent representation. Katherine Langley is a trial attorney experienced in representing clients on both sides of the coin: those who must file a lawsuit or companies who must defend against them.

The types of matters that bring businesses into court are numerous, but the most common types of issues include:

  • Labor and employment matters,
  • Construction contracts and real estate litigation,
  • Contracts and breaches of warranty, and
  • Debt collection and financial claims.

At your first inkling that your company might become involved in litigation, you should contact an experienced business trial lawyer. Organizing documentation related to the dispute early on will help your lawyer efficiently understand and manage the details of your lawsuit.

All civil lawsuits in North Carolina require the parties to participate in mediation. Mediation is a crucial step in the litigation process, since it frequently results in settlement of the parties’ disputes. It is important to be represented by a persuasive and skilled negotiator at mediation.

If your business is involved in a commercial litigation case, contact the business litigation attorneys at Burt Langley PC for early consultation and planning to help resolve the dispute you are facing.


April M. Burt is a transactional lawyer. Katherine Langley and Chad Anderson are trial lawyers. These Asheville-based attorneys focus their practice in the areas of business law, employment law, estate planning, and transactional law. They serve clients in the Western North Carolina communities located in Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Madison, and surrounding counties.


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