Contracts are written forms of agreement that govern how the parties to them interact. They generally describe responsibilities and obligations and the methods of redress in the event they are breached. Contract and transactional law covers every aspect of human interaction, from domestic partnerships to complex business transactions.

One of the best ways to avoid expensive litigation or unreasonable financial or legal obligations is to make sure the terms of any contract you sign or partnership you enter into are absolutely clear to all concerned parties.

Services Include:

  • Commercial contract drafting and review
  • Employment contract review
  • Non-compete clause review
  • Partnership agreements and dissolutions
  • Severance agreement drafting and review


April M. Burt is a transactional lawyer. Katherine Langley and Chad Anderson are trial lawyers. These Asheville-based attorneys focus their practice in the areas of business law, employment law, estate planning, and transactional law. They serve clients in the Western North Carolina communities located in Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Madison, and surrounding counties.


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