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Attorneys April Burt and Katherine Langley, Asheville Transactional and Litigation Attorneys

April Burt, Katherine Langley, and Chad Anderson provide protective legal services to businesses and individuals in Western North Carolina. From contracts and estate planning to litigation, the lawyers at the Burt Langley firm offer complete services.

One of the best ways to avoid expensive litigation or unreasonable financial or legal obligations is to make sure the terms of any contract you sign or partnership you create are absolutely clear to all concerned parties and under the law.

Everyone, regardless of wealth or status, has an estate. Your estate encompasses assets and possessions that you call your own and that will need to go somewhere when you die. Establishing a plan is perhaps one of the most basic – and under-exercised – inviolable rights you possess.

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, financial and emotional costs can accrue rapidly, no matter the inciting reason for the lawsuit. If you are being sued, there is no question: You will need strong legal representation.

Separation, divorce, equitable distribution, property settlement, alimony, and child support – you should not face these traumatic life events alone. At Burt Langley, we have skilled family law practitioners who will guide you through the process, step by step, until your goals are reached. Given our collective experience in business and estate litigation, we are particularly well suited to resolve cases involving complex equitable distribution, particularly those where business entity ownership is at stake.


April M. Burt is a transactional lawyer. Katherine Langley and Chad Anderson are trial lawyers. These Asheville-based attorneys focus their practice in the areas of business law, employment law, estate planning, and transactional law. They serve clients in the Western North Carolina communities located in Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Madison, and surrounding counties.


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